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A childhood passion for magic and entertaining took second place to my fascination for business for many years; but I was never quite able to resist the temptation to perform... whenever an opportunity arose.

I soon realised that magic could add value in any corporate scenario (and even helped close sales deals on several occasions). Over the last decade whilst working as a freelance Business Coach and Copywriter, particularly in networking environments, my ability to tell a story through magic has made my presence memorable. You could say the perfect USP...

So now I've launched a new side to the business as Mr BizWiz and have been delighted with the difference that professional business magic has made to my customers' investment in attending trade shows.

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Based in Hertfordshire and avaialble exclusively for helping companies to increase customer footfall and conversion at exhibitions and trade shows. I will travel to all the major venues in London and a 30 mile radius of my base in Hertfordshire. 


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Bespoke Magic designed to tell your story, build your brand & MAXIMISE your Return On Investment


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